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Welcome to FoodBreeze, a place where you can find simple vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Alongside Indian recipes, you’ll also find here Bengali cuisine recipes which are not only mouth-watering but tastes great.

I am Anamika, the creator of this little food blog website. I am an IT professional in an MNC. And with this full-time job, I happily manage some time for food blogging.

Basically I came from a Bengali family and I live in Kolkata, India. The Bengalis are very particular about the way and the order in which the food should be served. It is often said that while others eat to live, we Bengalis live to eat.

I have a great interest in cooking since childhood. I used to roam around the kitchen to see how my mom is preparing such delicious foods. Though I was not allowed to enter the kitchen since my mom thought that I was not grown up enough to be able to cook. But deep inside, I had that strong desire to start cooking one day. So when I left home and started living alone in a city far away from my hometown (of course due to my job), I started cooking food for myself.

After a hectic day in office when I return home and cook food, it gives me immense pleasure. Cooking is like relaxation for me. 🙂

FoodBreeze is all about the recipes which are tried and tested by my mentor (my mom) and my friends. There is a step by step recipes with images that I believe will help you with cooking. I always try to indulge in healthy cooking as I am a health freak.

I have started FoodBreeze in February 2019 which is not too past. This website is still in developing mode and I ensure that FoodBreeze will provide you with the simple yet tasty recipes which can be prepared by beginners like me and obviously the food lovers.

All the content published on this website including images and text is copyright protected and belongs to FoodBreeze only.

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